Finding A Suitable Debt Collection Company

Research in the United Kingdom has shown that around 80% of businesses fail in their first year of operation and less than 50% of all businesses established make it to their fifth year of operation. Majority of these businesses fail due to financial related challenges such as lack of capital and poor cashflow management. However, businesses can avert some of the challenges and therefore increase their chances of success by working with subject matter experts such as debt collection professionals.  But how do you recognise when the time is right to outsource debt collection services and what factors should you consider when choosing a debt collection company to work with?

Some of the greatest indicators that your business requires the services of a debt collection company include: when clients fail to honour the agreed payment plans, when clients use all manner of excuses to avoid paying for products and services delivered and when your business spends a substantial level of resources trying to recover amounts owed. Do not wait for your cash outflow to exceed the inflows and leave you in a financial scrunch. 

Finding a suitable debt collection company

TrustWorking with a company you trust is important for a number of reasons. First, you are trusting the company with confidential information and client details and you expect them to use these only for the intended purpose. Second, whenever money is concerned, trust is a necessity to prevent further problems. Third, you need to trust that the debt collection company will collect money owed without defaming your business in the community. Referrals are the best method of finding trustworthy companies to work with.

Customer reviews

What do previous clients have to say about the services received? How does the company handle customer complaints? Reviews are available online on the company website as well as various review and accreditation sites. Thorough research will reveal the unfiltered customer experience, a great consideration in choosing the best debt collection agency to work with.


Since your business is already in financial constraints, you must work with a company that offers high quality services at an affordable rate. Questions that need to be answered here include: what does their pricing model look like? Is the process transparent? What happens if the company does not collect anything?

Accreditation and awards

Working with accredited companies ensures that you get high quality services at market rates. You can easily access accreditation information from the potential companies' websites. Has the company won any awards and if yes, in which categories? Winning an award is an indication that the company is a subject matter expert and that it excels in the field of operation. 


Should the size of the company matter? The size of the company may determine the resources at their disposal and therefore their ability to perform the work well. On the other hand, larger firms may have bureaucratic processes that slow the pace of work and may tend to be more expensive. However, you should never judge a company from its face value. Digging deeper may reveal hidden jewels.